We all stood together for Syria
We all stood together for Ukraine
We all stood together for Gaza
We all stood together for Ferguson

It’s time we stand together for Pakistan, and spread what’s happening there like wildfire. Don’t let people forget that the citizens of Pakistan are so much more than what we’re portrayed as in the negative light. Make sure everyone KNOWS what the Pakistani protestors are doing right now and the cause they’re fighting for.



Raggedy Man, Goodbye - Every Episode

"Oh, my beautiful idiot. You have what you’ve always had. You’ve got me."

We’re watching The Doctor’s Wife right now on bbcamerica as part of Doctor Who Takeover Week. Come watch with us!

One of my favorite episodes from the series.

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SDCC Interview from Wikia (x)
Thank you bryankonietzko! <3 I’m honoured. (Yes, there’s only one person running this blog lol)
avatarparallels is awesome. They daily kindle the passion I have for the series.



Please!!! I encourage anyone who follows me or sees this to sign this petition. My city is under a lot of distress right now for this wrongful doing. Here is the link to sign the petition… https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/mike-brown-law-requires-all-state-county-and-local-police-wear-camera/8tlS5czf

Let’s get this goin’


…did i just witness a three-way crossover


yes i did

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Dear cops trying to cover this up: